A Multiplayer, Sci Fi, Sandbox RPG. Do your job at a research facility on a distant moon and fight for your survival.

Primulus is a Sci-Fi game that takes place on a research facility on a distant moon. As a player, you are one person working on that research facility. Your job can be anything from cleaning the floors and toilets as a janitor, to exploring the surface of the planet and capturing the wildlife for the researchers and geneticists to analyze. The people of the facility benefit from working together and further advance the facility when everyone is properly doing their job. However, be careful with who you trust though. People aren’t always what they seem.

Primulus is a game that takes place in rounds. That is, a game round starts and each player spawns in a specified area of the facility depending on their job. The round ends when the escape shuttle departs from the facility. Each round of Primulus is, basically, a bad day on the job.

The facility is ran by a large intergalactic government corporation, Integral, and as such, has enemies. Each round has the possibility of randomly designating some workers of the facility as enemies, called traitors, to the corporation. No one knows who these people are except the traitors themselves and other traitors. The traitors will have a random task that they have to complete individually or as a group before the round ends. So be careful who you trust, that handy assistant might be trying to get your ID to get access to a high security area.

Having traitors on the facility is one of many things that can go wrong during a round. There are many different events/game modes that can happen from round to round. For example, there may also be an alien outpost somewhere else on Primulus with a small playable alien faction that has to eradicate all the people in the facility. In addition to this, simple human error can cause panic and death.

Current Game Mechanics

Zone Based Atmospheric Calculation

Here we have a debug option enabled that helps us visualize the zones. The player deconstructs the wall thus causing the zones to recalculate and form one zone. Each zone has it’s own atmospheric data that includes Temperature, kPa, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and Primulium levels. Any zones that have adjoining areas (opened doors, open windows, removed / damaged walls) will cause an equalization of atmosphere between the zones. Additionally, if a fire breaks out in a zone, the temperature of that zone and any openly adjoined zones will increase while the oxygen levels decrease until the fire is extinguished.

Grid Based Construction / Destruction

Here you can see the player placing a floor and then the wall. Additional steps and tools are required to complete the wall and floor, though.

Character Creation

This demonstrates the basics of the character creation screen. Here you can customize many parts of player and choose your desired job preferences.

Electrical Grid and Power Generation

Here the player is placing an electrical box and placing wire in it to complete the grid from the Battery to the Electrical Control Unit. Since the ECU now has power, it powers the lights, doors and machinery that are linked to that ECU.


Here the player is using a taser to tase the other player and put him in rag doll mode. This is useful for security and traitors alike when they want to detain someone.

Considering the game takes place on a research facility, research is the primary goal of the facility. However, since the staff lives on the facility as well, it needs to be staffed by people that clean, protect, serve and repair the facility and it’s inhabitants. As a player, you get to choose your job preferences while setting up your character. If two or more people want the same job, one of them will be randomly picked and the other two players will be placed in another job of their choosing. Each job is part of a department which is in turn ran by a department head. For example, as a geneticist you’ll be in the medical department and you’ll be under the Chief Medical Officer. Here is a list of the current jobs in their respective departments.

*Jobs may be added, removed and/or renamed before final release. This is conceptual and is subject to change.

As stated, each round of Primulus has a game mode that drives the progression of the game. Primulus can also have random events that happen throughout the round. The game modes and events can be completely random, thus initially unknown by the facility staff, or be chosen by the server administrators. For example, if a round has randomly chosen an alien swarm game mode, a few players will spawn as aliens in an outpost somewhere on the surface of the planet away from the main facility. The alien players will be tasked with eradicating the facility of all it’s human inhabitants before they have a chance to escape or before the humans wipe them all out. On top of this, a random event such as a meteor shower may take place at some point during the round. Multiple events or no events can happen throughout a round and the frequency of them can be changed by the server administrator. Server administrators also have the power to make a random event happen at any point during the round.



A few players will spawn as aliens somewhere on the planet. Their goal is to eradicate everyone in the facility. As they kill people, the people will respawn as aliens thus adding to their swarm.

Eradication Team

A team of people who are enemies to Integral Corp. will spawn in a small outpost somewhere on the planet. Their goal, much like the aliens, is to kill everyone in the facility. They could do it stealthily by infiltrating the facility and posing as an employee, or go in with guns blazing and leave nothing behind.

Malfunctioning AI

The facility is equipped with a state of the art Artificial Intelligence module. The AI is a playable character that keeps a watchful eye on the facility and serves the employees as needed. It also manages the cyborgs (which are also players) and coordinates them around the facility. However, being a piece of technology, it’s susceptible to sabotage by the enemies of Integral. In this game mode the AI needs to use its cyborgs and technological powers within the facility to kill everyone before they can reach its core and wipe it out.


Some employees aren’t happy with the things are being ran around the facility. Their goal is to overthrow Security and the department heads in any way they see fit while recruiting other employees to their cause.

No Escape

Integral decided the facility was too much of a burden and has stopped all support, including the escape shuttle. The crew now has to work together to survive and build their own shuttle to escape Primulus.


Another day on the job. There’s so much to do on Primulus that some servers may just want to have a sane and peaceful round with no Game Mode. Administrators can trigger and create their own events throughout the round to keep the game interesting, though.



Though traitors are chosen at the start of a round, they could happen in tandem with a game mode. Traitors will have random objectives assigned at the start of the round that they must complete before the round ends. The objectives could be anything from assassinating a certain target, or stealing a highly valuable item. In order for them to be considered successful, they must escape on the shuttle alive at the end of the round with all their objectives completed.


The employees of the facility don’t have immune systems calibrated to the micro-biological life of Primulus. The geneticist is tasked with figuring out what is causing the mass illness within the facility and finding a cure.


Primulus is has entered an asteroid belt and is about to take a beating. There’s not much the employees can do other than wait for it all to be over and repair any damages to the facility.

Biological Infestation

An unknown biological entity has somehow formed a core inside the facility. It’s grows quite rapidly and can quickly envelop anything close to it. The crew has to destroy this entity before it consumes the facility.

*Game Modes and Events will likely be added, removed and/or renamed throughout the development and after the release of Primulus. This list is purely conceptual.