Hello Everyone

As some of you may know, we’ve been AWOL for the past month. This is because we’ve been reevaluating the future of Primulus. Throughout the development of Primulus we’ve been contemplating how such a small team is going to take on such a monumental task as this. In short, our only hope was motivation, skill and commitment. A team of two developers isn’t quite enough to make a game as large as Primulus. We’ve had a LOT of people come forward offering their help on this project, but we couldn’t obligate more people to offer their time to commit without promise of compensation. In reality, Indigni LLC is a business. We have to turn a profit and we are obligated, to some extent, to compensate for people’s time both legally and ethically.

So, what about the future of Primulus? In all honesty, we’re done working on this game. At least for now. Not because we lost that motivation, simply because it’s too much for two people and it’s not a wise decision to keep going on this game if there such a small market for it. We spent a lot of time pre-kickstarter actually making a prototype build. In hindsight, it would have been more wise to spend that time marketing the game and building a community. But we started Primulus because we wanted to MAKE a game not SELL a game. The community for this sort of game is rather small. I hate to say it, but people typically don’t want to think while playing a game. It’s the reason a lot of the popular first person shooters are so popular. SS13 is adored by a very small and patient community. Space Station 13 is a very complex game with lots of sandbox elements. I feel this is why none of the SS13 remakes have made it even close to final release. We’ve contemplated releasing the game open source and turning it into a community project but have closed that door. We want to use a lot of the code for our next project. In all honesty, I’m quite opposed to the “alpha-pit” and am glad we didn’t sucked into it. A lot of independent games will release in alpha and spend a large amount of time pushing out minor updates until they either abandon the project or call their next build a final release. I can’t tell you how many games I have sitting in my steam library right now that are not final releases. I digress, but you get my point.

We’re going to be changing gears and focusing on a smaller project that, we feel, is much more manageable by a small team of people. Now that we have a better understanding of what goes into development, we feel we can better manage this new project. We deeply apologize for cancelling this project on those of you that were excited. Above all, we thank all of those that showed us support. We really want to thank those that believed in us and supported us monetarily. Fortunately, we received no monetary support in the end so we have no obligation to continue with this project.

Failure is nothing to be ashamed of. Not trying, however, is.

Goodbye Everyone.