Indigni is an independent game development company founded in 2013. Primulus is our first game and we hope to make more games over time. We intentionally capitalize on the “Indi” part of the name to show our passion and support for the independent market. We believe gaming should go above and beyond a scripted story. We feel the true definition of a game is when the story is written by the player. We are also quite passionate about the simulation genre as we feel there is nothing more immersive than reality itself.

The Team


IMG_8383I’ve been passionate about game development for about 8 years now. I started in my Sophmore year of high school when I made a simple mod for Morrowind. I became really passionate about it when I made another mod for the sequel, Oblivion, a year later. I spent an entire summer between my Junior and Senior year in high school learning as much as I can about game development and completed a castle for Oblivion with a lore, scripted quest line, custom meshes and textures and scripts to add new components to the game. I started college and was set on going into game design. I found myself starting in the computer science field but quickly found that to be too focused of a field for me. It was far too technical and I equally enjoyed the art side of development. Not knowing anything about art and enough about programming, I did the next best thing and switched to the art program.

I founded Indigni as a way of branding myself and my work through college. My intentions were always to use it as a name for a game company and it’s exciting to finally see those dreams come true.




Hi there, I’ve been playing games for as long as I can remember. I took up programing when I was around 13 years old and I’ve been enjoying it thoroughly ever since.

I’ve been a developer for around 5 years on a rather well known branch of space station 13 called Baystation12. I have also been involved with several ArmA mods and frameworks.

My education was that of an electrician, but I spent the better part of my life programming and I’m hoping I can continue doing what I enjoy the most.

Thank you for reading and see you in the forums



Photo0091I’ve always been a fan of video games (who hasn’t) and have had a passion for art since I was about 10. I can design spaceships the best of all, but I also love creating environments and universes that are in depth and detailed, similar to Halo or Mass Effect.

The only art training I have had is whatever tutorials I can get my hands on on the internet, and Feng Zhu and CTRLPAINT have been big influences.

I one day hope to be working in games full time, but for now, I can’t quit my day job just yet. 😉

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For general contact inquiries email us at We’ll try our best to get back to you within 24 hours.