When is it going to come out?

We are still in the very early stages of development. There are lots of variables that will influence the date of release that we have yet to come across. Keep following the blog and stay active on the forums to be the first to hear of when and where we will be releasing the full game.

Will there be an early release?

Yes! The free prototype version is available now. This will include some core mechanics for people to play around with so we can get some general feedback of our progress and plan for the future of the game.

Do you plan to do a kickstarter?

Yes! It’s live now.

I have and idea for the game. Can you implement it?

Right now Primulus is being developed by three people. One programmer, one artist, and one concept artist. We’re not closed to people offering their ideas, but we have a lot to do and we’re a small team.

The game takes place in rounds? Does this mean it’s turn based?

No. Primulus is a real-time game. The rounds are simply defined from the start of the game to when the escape shuttle leaves. The time of a round can change depending on a lot of different factors.

What sort of power are server administrators going to have?

As much as possible. Our ultimate goal is to give the administrators total control. This will allow lots of possibility for each server to have it’s own unique feel and to avoid the monotony of having every server be the same. For example, server administrators can choose to have Role-Play rounds in which there is no random event at the start of the round. As the round progresses, the administrator can have random events happen in a controlled sort of way; much like a dungeon master in the popular table top game Dungeons and Dragons.

Why not use the UDK or Cry Engine?

Primulus has been in development for about 7 months now and was in pre-development for about 6 months before that. All the pre-development was experimentation with other software to get a better understanding of the limitations of other engines and correlation of our vision with this game. From previous experience and understanding of all the software, we concluded that Unity was the best option.

Can I contact you?

Yes. Check out the Indigni page for more information or visit the forums where we’re quite active.