Hindsight and closing thoughts

Hello Everyone

It’s been quite some time since we’ve reached out to the community. To get straight to the point, Primulus has ceased official development. We haven’t actually touched the project for many months now. Looking back on the project today, I’m quite pleased with the work we have done and I still feel a tinge of optimism in the project and am NOT closed to the idea of reopening it again some time in the future. For now, I have to put my attention elsewhere. Now for some honest words and hindsight.

What I  have learned since the Kickstarter 1.5 years later


One of the first Primulus screenshots.

In the field of marketing and communication, we failed greatly. I attribute this to ignorance on my part. The ideal  market penetration is ~15%  in order to have an impact on the target market according to the theory of diffusion of innovation. At this point, about a year and half later, I realize we started our kickstarter far too early despite the fact we had a working and fully functional demo out. I think the only thing we really had going for us was the “Why” of why we are doing this project. Check out this TED talk to learn more about this. The entire project was driven by inspiration and a desire to play a game that hadn’t yet existed. Since we didn’t follow a well known model of successful game design, we struggled to find an audience and limited ourselves to a rather niche (and extremely critical) market. On top of that, we weren’t the first to take on a game of this scope. There are a few others out there that have met a similar fate as ours. Because of this, the niche market we were targeting was already not very optimistic.


One of the last Primulus screenshots

At this point, some of you may be thinking “Well if this project was driven by inspiration on your part, what do you care about the market and the size of your audience?”. When I started this project, I was at a point in my life where I could dedicate ~50 hours a week to the project without concern of income or time. I had just graduated college and decided to take a year off with what savings I had and focus on this. Near the end of the project, that safety net of savings was running thin and I needed to find a way to support my family financially. As an independent developer (Or as any living person with a family, really), we can all relate to some extent. I buckled down, used the things I learned from this and found myself a good career.

Future of Primulus

So, what now? Again, I’m not closed to the idea of reopening the project sometime in the future. For now, I have my plate full with work and life and wont be able to dedicate the time to work on this project. However, I’m also open to the idea of releasing the Primulus project source files, as is, for the community to do as they see fit. For whoever is still out there reading this, let me know if this something you’re interested in. If so, I’ll talk it over with Head and see what we can do.

Closing thoughts

If you’re someone who wants to go into independent development, despite the lack of success I’ve experienced, I would say go for it. Even in an extremely competitive market with little to no pay, the amount plethora of things you learn and experience you gain along the way are things a college degree can NEVER teach you.

Thank you all for your time and thank you all for your interest in my passion project. Until next time…

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