Week 29 & 30: Kickstarter is now live

Hello Everyone!

First off, we’re sorry for not posting an update last week. As mentioned in week 28, there simple wasn’t enough to report on. After lots and lots of waiting and about 13 hours / day of finalizing things, we’ve finally went live with our kickstarter and released the first prototype build of Primulus. For those of you that have been with us since the beginning, we thank you. Without your feedback and excitement, I can’t say we would have made it this far.

Download prototype

So what now?

Well, from here, we keep on developing. While the campaign is going on we’ll probably put out minor updates to the prototype download while working toward the next release. We’re also trying to complete the digital art book so those that helped us fund the game can get a copy. Since we’ve finally got the launch of the kickstarter behind us and have went live with the prototype build, we can finally get back into development. On top of this, we have a lot of PR to do. We’re looking to use a majority of the funds to expand our team to make higher quality content and add things at a higher rate of speed. So we’ll need to consider where we need to expand and get job postings out. If you’re a developer and are interested, keep active here. We’ll announce the job postings on our blog.

Again, we appreciate everything the community has done for us to help get where we are today. If we could ask one thing of you, it would be to share Primulus with your friends however you see fit. Thank you!



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