Week 28: Jobs

Hello Everyone!

I would like to apologize for delaying on the typical Thursday updates over the past weeks. As user Bushig said on the forums,

Why are you posting game updates less frequently? It makes me sad! (sp)

Well, Bushig and everyone else, there simply is much to report as of now. We’re trying to get back into posting them on Thursday’s but there’s not much to report. We’ve been spending 100% of our time on creating our Kickstarter and wrapping up what we have now into a solid prototype build. We’ve successfully (yes, this is actually a success) stopped adding content so we can focus on getting the prototype release into your hands. Blog posts are generally reflective of what’s new and what’s been added to the game but this Kickstarter process takes a long time. So there’s nothing new to really report from last week to this week. All of this takes time and we have to wait on other people a lot of the time. I’m sorry if I’ve saddened you with less frequent updates. If it’s any consolation, think of the soon to be KS page to be one HUGE update.

However, we did manage to compile a basic list of the jobs that will be available on final release into a pretty graphical format.

Engineering Supply Service security Research non-human Misc Medical

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