Week 26: Amend

Hello Everyone!

We’ve been slowly moving away from the default Unity UI and moving into a powerful third party software. Over the past week we’ve really pressed down hard to get rid of all Unity UI components. What we’re left with is a huge increase in frame rate and performance.

As some of you may recall, we’ve never been 100% happy with the positioning of the camera and have been wanting to change it for quite some time. We finally got around to it this week and we’ve REALLY changed the positioning of the camera. The new camera makes it feel a lot like how we initially planned. We haven’t been able to achieve this effect properly until now, though, and have instead been focusing on bringing the camera closer to the player. Here’s a quick view of the current state of the camera without anti-aliasing.


This is still a WIP and we will probably refine it based on feedback. For those of you familiar with Space Station 13, we really feel this camera angle helps capture the essence of the top down SS13 feel. Please let us know what you think about the this minor, yet very important, change on the forums.


Next, Jeff has been working hard on drawing up more environmental concepts while Head an myself wrap up the game for the prototype release. We’re trying really hard not to add more content at the moment while we refine what we have in place at the moment. For those of you that follow the blog, you know that we’re going to be releasing a free prototype version of the game very soon. This marks a huge step in our development process because we’ll be doing a lot more at this point on top of releasing the prototype.



As far as changes this week we’ve:

  • Revamped the main screen to add a news and social media section.
  • Reworked the Character Creation screen. You can customize your character to some minor extent.
  • Reworked ALL the UI’s in the game.
  • Added a revolving Chat Bubble above the player’s head to show when s/he is typing.
  • Added a couple pairs of shoes.
  • Made UI elements drag-able.
  • And of course, lots and lots of bug fixin’s.


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