Week 24: Early Update

Hello Everyone!

24 weeks later. Ha.

So we have quite the update today. I think the past week of ~10 hour work days and sleepless nights has left us all in a state of debilitation, but it was worth it. We usually do our updates on Thursday but I’m quite excited to show you all what we have for the past week. I’ll try to keep the droning to a minimum this week but I can’t make any promises.

First, let’s start with our change list for the week:

  • Still working on Tutorial scene (this thing is taking forever).
  • Added chem-lights.
  • Added Flashlights.
  • Reworking construction code.
  • Redesigned the website.
  • Made a new logo.
  • Tons of bug fixin’s

We’ve also spent a lot of time this week trying to make things work together again. When we add something new to the game, we have to integrate it into all the mechanics we have implemented already. But when we slack on this task, we have to rework a lot of things to make them work together seamlessly. Not only mechanically, but visually, too. Since we made a new logo, we’re working on getting that worked into everything. On top of that, we now have chemlights and flashlights so we had to rework a lot of materials on the objects to better show off the lighting. We re-added the specular maps to a lot of the materials. We removed them before, as you may recall, because the lights were at an angle that didn’t show off the spec maps so it created a pointless draw call. Now, since we have small dynamic lights, we can now utilize the spec maps. So, we’ve been working on the visuals quite a bit. On top of this, we’ve finally got around to adding a flashlight. It has some post processing that needs work but it doesn’t look bad as it is. Check it all out:














You can click the images for a larger resolution. As mentioned above, and as you may have noticed, we’ve made the long needed changes to the website. We’ve finally got around to adding a media┬ásection where all the media in all previous blog posts is compiled into one easy to access area. And, yes, we’ve added a download page for the prototype version when we get there. If you guys wouldn’t mind taking a moment to head on over to the forums to give us some feedback on some of the visual improvements, we’d appreciate it. We’re close to releasing the prototype and will NOT be updating it past release so we want to have it as smooth and polished as possible.

So that’s about it for the week. I leave you all with another wonderful concept piece illustrating the survival and escape aspect to the game.


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