Week 23: Prototype Version

Hello Everyone

A while ago you may recall that we have expressed interest in releasing a prototype version of the game. We had a plan to get it out at the end of January but, unfortunately, we weren’t ready. We more-so weren’t ready to show you all half completed mechanics and visuals that were currently undergoing a complete overhaul. Today we have some good news for you. We’ve been working really hard to get the game to a state where we’re ready to show it off to the world. We’ve re-wrote just about all the mechanics of the game and have redone about 40% of the visuals. We’re quite content with the state of the game but are still in the process of wrapping a few things up. With that said, I’d say we’re about 1-2 weeks out from the prototype now. Please don’t quote me on this. Things come up all the time and I can’t be certain that we’ll get there in the next two weeks. Optimistically, however, we’ll have the prototype out by then. Again, this version is completely FREE for anyone to download and play with. Later versions will not be free, however.

I should take the time to say that the content in the prototype version will NOT represent final software. In other words, what you see in this version is not necessarily what you are going to see in later versions. We are notorious for remaking things over and over until we’re happy with them and since we just recently took on a concept artist, we’re going to be remaking a lot of things with more consistency. The prototype version is not a Pre-Alpha version. It’s not even a Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha version. It’s a prototype version to show what we have planned and to show some of the mechanics we have working in game. You’re going to hear this a lot throughout this phase of the development process. Despite this, there will still people that don’t understand this and will complain about the game. So be it.

Yet again, we’ve been working really hard this past week and got a lot accomplished.

  • Looped ambient audio added to all scenes.
  • Wire construction is in. More on this in a moment.
  • Can now construct ECU’s, Lights and Doors.
  • Added tutorial level to prototype version.
  • Redesigned the UI to better correlate with the main screen.
  • Redesigned the tables.
  • Redesigned the cryo tubes.
  • Built a new final facility (WIP).
  • And tons of bug fixes (obviously).

Head has been working really hard to make wire construction happen. Not only did he make it happen, but it looks and feels pretty good. Players can now place wire boxes throughout the scene and place wires inside them. They can also take a screwdriver to the wire boxes to open and close them. We’ve added a wire spool that player can hit the open boxes with to add wire to the box. Now you can wire up ECU’s to power parts of facility. Say you want to add on to the facility but the nearest ECU is too far to power the lights to the add-on. Now the player can build a new ECU and wire it to power all the additions. How fun.

I do believe that is it for the week. We planned on getting a video demonstration together of the wire construction but simply didn’t have time.


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