Week 22: Conceptualize


We’ve got quite a big update for you all today. I’m going cross-eyed from staring at this computer screen for about 9 hours a day over the past week so bear with me while I try to get you all up to date. Some of you may have seen that we spent a bit of time over the past week looking for a concept artist. With no budget and not much to promise in the names of compensation, this wasn’t an easy task for us. In all honesty we were hesitant to make this move because of the fact we couldn’t promise compensation to someone putting forth all their time and effort into this project. That is also why we haven’t taken on anyone else thus far. Well, we finally found an artist and we are quite excited about what the future holds. With this step we can now design things with a sort of consistency. In the future, we’ll be doing a massive redesign on all the meshes to make them more consistent and visually pleasing. This also allows us to get our ideas down visually for ourselves and for you so we can all get an understanding of what we have planned for Primulus’ future. First thing we did was design a medbed to test out our new workflow from concept to finished piece.




Awesome. Again, our goal with the concept drawings is to help visually represent what the overall mood we’re going for in the final release of Primulus. We’ve spent a lot of time collaborating with the concept artist to get our ideas across.






You can click the images for larger resolutions. We’re going to be doing a few additions to the website over the next couple of days and we’ll include an area on there where we’ll have all the art compiled from the blog in one easy to access place. Keep your eyes out for that. On top of all this, we’ve also ┬ádone a massive rewrite to a lot of aspects of the game. To list a few of the mechanics we rewrote:

  • Object placement
  • Fire spreading and its impact on the environment. Fire now heats up rooms and burns oxygen and spreads.
  • Player health. Players can now be killed and knocked unconscious. When knocked unconscious, the screen will fade in and out. We’re also in the process of adding blood decals to the player to represent injury. Players can also hit other players with medkits to heal them. This is a temporary medical procedure until we expand upon it later.
  • Construction. We completely rewrote how construction works in game. The new method will allow us to quickly and easily add lots of steps to the construction process for constructing pretty much anything.
  • Input. A complete rewrite of input to make things work better with the mouse and keyboard.

I think there’s more but we’ve done so much over this past week I’m probably forgetting about it. We’ve also spent a bit of time creating and recreating some of the physical assets in game. We just recently completed the space suit so the player can venture out onto the surface of Primulus without exposing himself to the hard atmosphere. There’s not much to do out there right now, but we’ll get there. Not only did we rewrite a lot of the fire code, we also redid the visuals behind it.

It’s probably obvious by now that we’re working hard to wrap up what we have to get it into a stable build. As mentioned last week, I’m not going to explicitly state why, but, I assure you you’re really going to like it. In order for us to complete this wrap-up process, we’ve spent a lot of time building another facility around the objects we have now. It’s not likely going to be representative of the final facility, but it’ll do for now. This facility will also be accompanied by a simple UI tutorial to guide the player through the game as it is now. We’re not sure if we’ll have a tutorial in the final release or not. We want the players to experience and learn the game as they play it. That’s part of the fun. However, since we’re lacking a lot of UI elements and game play elements, it may be difficult as of now to understand what’s going on around you, hence the tutorial.

So I believe that’s all for the week. We’re powering through this and, optimistically, we should have our first stable build wrapped up in a couple of weeks accompanied by our next big public move. Thank you all for being a part of our development process. If I could ask you all one favor, please tell your friends about Primulus. We will love you eternally.


Big Med Bed Rendering

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