Week 21: Incognito

At what point did our titles go from descriptive lines of text to an arbitrary one word summary? We’re willing to give the person that figures this out a free one year subscription to Indigni +.

We’ve manged to get a lot done over the past 168 hours. However, all we have to show you is this hilarious tiny .gif.

gamedevfunSo that’s all for the week. Bye.






I wonder what would really happen if I just left it at that… As for some back story, we’re working on getting “pewpew” (yes, that is actually what we’ve been calling it all week) implemented into the game. Head decided to test part of the item spawn code and this was the result. We’ve also decided that the rigid body physics of the, what are they, pills? are a lot of fun and leave this as part of the final game. Okay, that’s not true either. I really need to stop joshing you guys.

… I need sleep.

On a serious note, we’ve been gearing a lot of our energy towards our next huge step of the project. It’s not much of a secret as to what this may be, yet we’re not going to explicitly state what it is. Because of this, development will be a bit slow for the next few weeks while we prepare this next step. We’ll still post our Thursday blog posts and we’ll still be active on social media, though. As for what we’ve done this week, as you can see, we’ve spent a lot of time on combat. You can now knock other players out and shoot them into unconsciousness. How fun.

(There’s no such thing as Indigni +)


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