Week 20: What’s up?

Hello everyone!

20 weeks. We didn’t forget to post an update Thursday. We’ve just been busy with both the game and life in general. We’ll keep posting on Thursday’s like usual.

This week, we have added lots and lots of content. We’ve decided to add as many of the models as we possibly can and slowly make them intractable over time. This will allow us to have a consistent design theme throughout the game. It also allows us to fill the scene with objects to see what needs to be added to make the facility feel more complete. We’re doing this because we’re starting to conceptualize on the final facility layout and we need to figure out what rooms to add based on the content we have. It’s amazing to see it all finally coming together. People like lists. So here’s a list of some of the things we’ve added.

  • Cryo Chamber – Need Unity pro so we can add the final material
  • Fire Extinguisher – You know. For fires.
  • Exterior Rocks
  • Secret Alien Item
  • Cabinet
  • Security Locker
  • Tables

I think that’s all.

We’ve also spent a lot of time the past couple of weeks focusing on visual effects. Basically, we’re trying to make the game look better visually with post-processing or environmental details. But, as I’ve said many times, we have to make sure we’re allocating our resources right. So we can’t go overboard with the VFX. Unfortunately, with a game like this, where everything is modular, it’s difficult to design awesome looking levels. When you’re dealing with modularity, you need to have the things that are being built all as the same prefabricated object with the same material. Sure you can instance the object and apply a different material based on its location. But, you know, system resources and blah blah blah. Perhaps, in time, we’ll add some small details like that if we have the resources.

Like I said a couple weeks ago, we revamped the start screen. We’ll probably play around with it a bit more before we’re 100% happy, but we’re open to feedback for now.


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