Week 19: Pushing Forward

We’re now 19 weeks in and we’ve  spent the entire week reworking the animations and adding more animations. We’re getting a nice pipeline set up to get things flowing seamlessly from our animation software to Unity’s. We’ve also re-worked the visuals of a couple more models to make them look more sci-fi and less boxy and plain. We’ve also completely revamped the start screen and are quite excited to show it off, but not today as we’re still working on it. Thankfully, we had no set UI style prior to the current start screen so this allowed me to design it however I wanted. We decided that we’re going to take this style and run with it for the rest of the UI elements in game. Finally, and what I think is the most exciting part, we’re working on combat. This means that we should be able to knock each other into ragdoll before long. 

Over the next week, we’ll likely be continuing our work on animations and combat. We’ll be showcasing once we’re at a state where we’re happy with it. For now, we’ve a lot more to do.

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