Week 17: Game Jam Weekend

Hello Everyone!

Global Game Jam is this weekend and I (Josh) am partaking in it. For those of you that are also attending, I would love to see what you and your group made. This is my first Global Game Jam event so I’m quite excited. So that means I wont be working on Primulus all weekend. On the positive side, we got a lot done this week. Instead of droning on about the details of every little thing we did, here’s a list because people like lists.


  • Added fire spreading mechanics
  • Added a new wall tile (Service Counter)
  • Added a new locker (Security Locker)
  • Added a wire spool for replacing cut wires
  • Added a Taser
  • Added a Stun Baton
  • Added pistol hold animation to player
  • Added melee swing animation to player
  • Added block animation to player
  • Added sit animation to player
  • Added lay animation to player
  • Revamped UI (AGAIN. And it will likely receive a couple more revamps)
  • Currently taking another pass at animation to make them more smooth
  • Currently creating exterior rock wall tiles
  • And lots and lots and LOTS of optimization


We have a set list of goals that we would like to complete before we release the Prototype build. Recently, we’ve discussed adding basic combat to the build for you all to play with so you can have more to do. We haven’t came to a conclusion, yet, but if we do do it, it will likely delay the release of the prototype a couple of weeks. Also, the forums are pretty much dead. We’ve tried to keep them alive when we started the website up, but it was taking up a lot of time and there seemed no interest. Considering the forums are for Primulus and only a handful of people have actually played Primulus, it’s understandable. But we encourage you go over there and express your love for cats and what ever makes you happy.

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