Week 11: Primulus for Free?

Hello everyone!

In the past we’ve stated that we likely wouldn’t release the game in any early stages. However, after careful consideration, we changed our minds. Even better, we’re planning on releasing it very soon and completely for free. That means within the next couple months you should be able to come right here to our website and download and play an early version of our game. We plan on having only the construction state completely implemented in this early version of Primulus. So you’ll be able to start a local server and join other people’s servers and build and destroy the facility as you see fit. Atmospheric calculation and power grid maintenance will be included as well. We’re going to strip the other features out of the release that are only half way implemented or need polishing. There’s not going to be too much for people to do which is why we are releasing it for free. We’ll also be adding a forum section for general feedback so we can get an idea of how the community feels about the direction the game is heading and plan out future accordingly.

We chose to take this course of action because, as you know, there are only the two of us working day and night on this game. When people focus on one thing for too long of a time, they become desensitized to whether something looks good or bad or if something feels odd. So, again, this will (hopefully) help us in this regard. We hope you’re all as excited about this as we are.

In other news, we’ve progressed quite a ways on construction. Player’s can now build and destroy all the modular pieces that makes up the facility.


We’ve also progressed on the nuclear power generation. We added uranium and cooling cells. Basically, the players will have to set up the uranium cells at the start of the round and start the nuclear generator. Throughout the round, the cooling cells need to be monitored and changed to ensure the facility doesn’t undergo a nuclear meltdown and kill everyone. Unless that’s your goal, of course.

solarpanelshow We’ve also started the implementation of  an alternate source of energy. At first we weren’t going to do solar power generation (and still might not). But we thought it would be a cool addition and maybe even lead to a dynamic day/night cycle. This isn’t set in stone yet and we might change our minds depending on any complications we might come across. We’ve added a lot more assets and spent a lot of time tweaking what we have so far.

And that’s all for this week!

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