Some History (of the walls)

The game has been something I have been working on for a few months now. I made a few prototypes of the game and played around with different engines. At first I tried using the UDK but quickly realized that UDK is far from a suiting engine for a game of this scope. Not knowing much about game development and diving right into this was, in all honesty, quite overwhelming. However, over time and through lots of reading and exercise, I managed to get to where I am today. Yes, the game was initially going to be first person. I finally decided on third person for many, many reasons. Mostly optimization. There’s this monster of a thing called “System Resources” that I needed to consider. Also, third person seems much more suiting for this type of game.


I had some previous experience with Unity so I decided to give the engine another try. I made and remade the walls about 3 times now. I think, to date, I’ve spent more time on the walls and floor than anything else. However, it’s hard to build a sturdy tower if the foundation is weak. After working in Unity for another few weeks I decided I needed help. I found Sebastian, a very talented and dedicated programmer, and we’ve been working consistently since. However, as we collaborated and as the game unfolded, we realized the walls wouldn’t work. Needless to say, I remade them again. And then once more when we decided to add a third dimension to the floor.

We first wanted to make the game in space and on a space station like it’s predecessor. ¬†Over time we started toying with the idea of it being on a planet and it being a research facility then finally, one day, we simply decided to make it happen. After that we decided on tons of awesome features that would come with this decision. Planetary exploration, native creatures to capture and study, and an excuse for gravity! To name a few. What could possibly go wrong?¬†start2

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